Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chrome for Android Update

The Chrome Team is excited to announce the promotion of Chrome 31 to the Stable channel for Android users. Chrome 31.0.1650.59, which will be will be available in Google Play over the next few days, contains a number of new features including:
  • Printing from Chrome on Android KitKat devices
  • Enhanced autofill for a faster checkout experience on sites supporting requestAutocomplete. Try it on
  • Stability, performance, and security updates
Security fixes and rewards:
Congratulations to Pinkie Pie, for reclaiming the crown with another impressive exploit!
  • [POW!!! $50,000*] [319117] [319125] Critical CVE-2013-6632: Multiple memory corruption issues. Credit to Pinkie Pie.
* This reward was co-sponsored by the HP Zero Day Initiative as part of Mobile Pwn2Own 2013.

Please see the Chromium security page for more detail. Note that the referenced bugs may be kept private until a majority of our users are up to date with the fix.

A partial list of changes in this build is available in the SVN revision log. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. More information about Chrome for Android is available on the Chrome site.

Jason Kersey
Google Chrome


Mario Gaucher said...

I hope that you fixed some weird problems that I was having with the beta... like garbled page... blank black page... or other inconsistencies. Sometimes when I was having a problem, just moving/zooming fixed the problem. But other times, it would freeze/crash...
I've reported the problem... but never had a feedback or fix.

I will see in the next few days if it's better now.

Italo Alonso Estrada Petrocelli said...

Now that the Add to home screen option is gone,There is any way to downgrade the beta version to be able to use the add to home screen function? said...

Next few days, right. Or weeks, perhaps.

László Koroknay said...

Pls. Fix it :
Acer Iconia B1-A71 :

Video link :

Ocelot04 said...

After the last update Nov 17 or 18,2013, the Link Preview zoom is not working. I don't want to believe that you removed this feature because that was the only thing keeping me from use another browser. If you removed this feature then I'm switching to Firefox.

Silvester said...

Hi, I have a 7'' phablet (BQ Elcano) like László Koroknay a few comments above, and the same scrolling "stutter" is happening. I have learned that some other friends of mine with this type of equipment are having the same problems (Asus Fonepad).
Please fix this!

akabishop said...

Unfortunately 31 seems to be bad number. On Alcatel idol chrome started to shake content when scrolling. On my PC chrome started to freeze and has difficulties with starting and finishing downloads(even a picture displayed on site). Also problems with restarting application after upgrade to 31.

Philip J. Williamson said...

Since receiving this update my Chrome experience has severely deteriorated. When scrolling up and down I am experiencing sudden and violent vibrations in the display and also generally a lot of stuttering. Unfortunately, I forced to consider using another browser until this is fixed.

I have an LG E640 using Android 4.1.2